A bumper sticker is a sticker or label with a message, to attract to the bumper of an automobile and to be read by the occupants of other vehicles. They can also be stuck to other objects. They are normally 30cm by 8cm in size. They are often made of PVC.

Now a day’s bumper stickers are an important part of an automobile as they are the cheap and wonderful way of conveying your message to a large number of people. People also use them to give their vehicles a new look. Besides these people use them to express their feelings towards religion, games etc. They are a big source of commercialism and advertisement because whenever other people see your vehicle, they come to know about your business, work or company through bumper sticker. Many organizations use their own stickers on the bumpers of their company vehicles for the advertisement of their products or their motive as these are one of the best source of advertisement. Many political parties also use this method to support their candidates during election periods. Their life period is effected due to the movement of the vehicle and different weather conditions, that’s why it should be stuck firmly to the bumper of the vehicle. When required, it can easily be removed by penetrating oil or heating gun. They are of many types like magnetic bumper stickers, vinyl bumper stickers etc.

Mostly stickers are printed on paper but if u want to durable your sticker printing for your stickers then you should choose a special type of plastic material for sticker printing which is vinyl, then these stickers are called vinyl stickers. Vinyl material is used to increase the life of a sticker and it protects the sticker from harsh weather conditions even in very cold or very hot weather.
Individuals and corporate sectors including political parties the trend of spend less and spread more among the different groups .Bumper Stickers can be pasted on the t-shirt , sun cap , key chains , pens on the windscreen and windows of the car else everywhere you think of advertising using this option the place is everywhere and the message a company want to spread across its consumer world which can increase in numbers of his consumers .

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